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We love what we do and have the best team in LA, LV & SF from Makeup to Posing you have found the top guns in the industry. Nikon endorsed us as some of the best Boudoir photographers in the country and Huffington Post put us in the top 5 list!! We are thrilled…….

Lets make some artwork of  you!!!

We are looking forward to experiencing this journey with you. Our amazing team offers a selection of very luxury, fabulous products in a variety of different quality finishes. These very unique and sexy items are found only at The Boudoir Café. These pieces are from around the world featuring the most uniquely crafted, distinct, creative and artistic styles.


1. We got married at Burning Man
2. Hedley was a DJ in another life on Radio
3. Cherie travelled the world for 7 years
4. We are talking Heads for Nikon
5. Working on Sexy European Magazine ~ Debuting soon
6. We are obsessed Nikon photographers
7. Hedley broke House music on the radio in Canada
8. Cherie was the first woman photographer for major Canadian Newspaper
9. We are both from Canada
10. Boudoir photography and great Portraits for Women is our hobby so we LOVE it!!!

The Boudoir Cafe in numbers

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number of lenses
Louboutins on set

If you want to take interesting images......
Put something interesting in front of the lens!

Cherie Steinberg

Our Quality

the most sensual boudoir photography


Private and intimate Studio

The Boudoir Café  features its own, very private and intimate studio in Beverly Hills OR Exclusive and Luxury Hotels in Las Vegas. The Boudior Café is all about ambiance and sensuality where ever we are. Doing a boudoir photo shoot is a unique, luxurious experience something that is a sensational treat. A special occasion and with all that comes photos that will be cherished for a lifetime. We are thrilled to be apart of this historic happening and will work hard to make this a day that you will never forget.

Passionate Photographers

Cherie and her team at The Boudoir Café have been delivering exceptional photography for 20 years. Together they can transform any woman into the sexy or sweet, beautiful, classy woman or pull out the darker 50 shades side. Cherie have been doing photoshoots all over the world and the last 10 years she is based in Beverly Hills. We are passionate about our role in helping women break out of their shell to blossom and enjoy the real them. We are more than photographers we are a little like therapists bringing women into a new sexier world

Sessions designed for you

Expressing the Sexy, Sensual You! We LOVE to do a design consultation before the shoot. The session itself and a post-session consultation to review the images. Whether that be in the studio or online (if out of town or better). The Boudoir Café sessions are highly customized. They are designed to express the real YOU. From a leather-and-lace session to a sexy-fetish or a turn-of-the-century Victorian or Renaissance theme, to a Sexy Sporty to sensual, then to feminine ~ It’s all about the mood, the styling, and the exploration of you. It is a pampered day about YOU!!!

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about
and that is not being talked about

Oscar Wilde


Cherie Steinberg

Cherie is a photographer whose passion has been traveling the world and photographing people. Cherie began her career at The Toronto Sun in Canada as the first woman photographer at this major Canadian Newspaper. Among numerous awards over the years, Cherie has been honored with the Canadian Council for the Arts Award, Canada’s equivalent of the National Endowment for the Arts Award. Cherie has travelled the world to over 40 countries. In her international travels, she has captured extraordinary images, which have appeared most recently in Grace Ormonde, The L.A. Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Bride & Bloom Magazine, Los Angeles Weddings, Studio Design & Photography, Towne & Country, WPPI Photography Monthly, Distinctive Magazine, 90210 Magazine, 5280 Magazine, Professional Photographers, Palm Springs Life, Digital Photo Pro, Rangefinder Magazine, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Tonight and Nikon World.
She is a Getty Image Stock Photographer whose works are sold worldwide. Cherie was listed by Nikon as “one of the world’s great photographers.” As a Nikon-sponsored photographer, she has appeared as a speaker at industry events for Nikon and other industry trade shows talking to other photographers and sharing her knowledge and love of the craft.

Hedley Jones ~ Deadly Hedley

Hedley is an experienced multi-media artist with an impressive array of creative credentials ranging from traditional broadcasting to digital photography . His roots began in the world of music as a musician in Jamaica. He moved to Canada to work with CBC Radio in Toronto, as a Radio Tech and Producer/writer  of two highly acclaimed national Radio programs. As “Deadly Hedley,” he became one of the city’s most loved and respected DJs, introducing audiences to the best in reggae, worldbeat & house music, shaping the musical tastes of a generation of Toronto listeners.  Hedley’s interest in photography started in high school.  He joined the camera club and learned to develop film and make prints.  “When I saw my first image appear I was hooked.”  Hedley has mastered all the important technical aspects of photography especially with regards to the lighting in a boudoir setting.  “The lighting is a very important part to making the “Emotional Connection” with our clients and one of the key factors in our style” As the only male shooter at #theboudoircafe  Hedley is helping to push the boundaries with his dedication to bringing out the beauty in women and his male perspective of this now trending style of photography. He is such a great team player and all the ladies really love having that male, metro sexual perspective!


Lara is an internationally recognized Los Angeles-based photographer, published by Men’s Fitness, Modern Luxury and The Smithsonian. Born in a youth hostel, she has emerged onto the visual plateau mentored by her industry heroes, such as Joyce Tenneson, James Hickey and James Porto. She has worked and exhibited in New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Solomon also has a growing humanitarian profile. She has worked with Sustainable Harvest International in Central America. As an Anthropology graduate of Appalachian State University’s her trademark straight-shooter approach is most authentic and very down to earth and likable.


is a professional fashion & boudoir photographer living and working in Las Vegas. She has been published in many fashion magazines nationally and internationally including LA, New York, Toronto, London, and Paris.  She is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art with focus in fibers and installation art.   She uses the same lighting techniques in photo shoots as in her editorial work. Her experience working with professional models brings the same level of expertise to the boudoir shoots.  Her very professional demeanor and warmth make her a favorite for clients doing boudoir photography!!

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

Anaïs Nin




Nothing is sexier than a women who knows how to take control.

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  • Top Photographers in the Country!

    Huffington Post
  • Boudoir Café photographers exemplify demands skill and sensitivity.

    Nikon Inc.
  • Some of the most creative photographers on the planet.

    Professional Photographer Magazine
  • Taking Boudoir Photography to a new level in the Country!

  • This boudoir team is a pro at putting even the shyest model at ease!.

    California Wedding Magazine


The best boudoir experience in LA, LV & SF

Every woman that comes through our doors will leave a new woman ~ owning her womanhood, feeling sexier and really fabulous about themselves! This is not just a photo shoot. Many women tell us that this has really changed their lives. I know it might sound a bit silly, but you have to feel this experience to understand it.Be sure to book something super fun after the shoot!! You will want to go out to somewhere fabulous ~ trust me…..


choose from any of our four locations

Los Angeles

Our LA studio is located in a quiet residential tree house environment in the middle of Beverly Hills, bordering Bel Air, Holmby Hills and Westwood. The very cozy New York lounge type environment has with its own incredible sound system is a perfect oasis in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the LA. For the perfect experience we have make-up and hair area, a sitting lounge, and shooting areas for your disposal. Our team will make sure you will have an experience of lifetime. And since we also make the best cosmos in LA you are up for something very special with us.

San Franciso

The San Francisco studio is crafted and designed to ensure best experience. Its unique late 1800-century vintage Queen-Anne studio, offering more than just a place to get some photos taken. It is an experience just walking the grounds and seeing the options. You will be amazed how many options and different looks we can create here. We are looking forward to hear your inspiration and add some of ours to make the perfect experience of boudoir shoot in San Francisco. We also shoot in Luxury Hotels in San Fran.

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas we have something special for you. We shoot in the most amazing hand picked and carefully selected 5 star hotels. Each of them has a unique design and feel that we can tailor to your needs and look you want to achieve. So feel free to tell us about your preference and we make sure that the style of interior matches it perfectly. Or perhaps you already have one in your mind, if so tell us and we take care of the rest. Private session in the luxury interiors might be the best stay in a hotel you ever had.


Details coming soon…

We are adventurous photographers
and are open to all kinds of photography.

The Boudoir Cafe


Choose from our packages ~ Express Sexy, Sensual You!

As imaginative as you are we will match you!!!
We get calls every day with unique and fun projects…..
Everyone is an individual and all photoshoots are the not the same…..
Let’s make some images that you will have and love for a lifetime!!!

THE BOUDOIR CAFE features its own, very private and intimate studios in Exclusive and Luxury Hotels. The Boudoir Café is all about ambiance and sensuality where ever we are. Doing a boudoir photo shoot is a unique, luxurious experience something that is a sensational treat. A special occasion and with all that comes iconic photos that will be cherished for a lifetime. We are thrilled to be apart of this historic happening and will work hard to make this a day that you will never forget.

I finally realized that being grateful to my body
was key to giving more love to myself.”

Oprah Winfrey


The Boudoir Café has quite a few packages and also we do custom packages all the time for those special projects and clients. We are also very proud of our specialty products which are made just for The Boudoir Café and not found anywhere else. We are here to make this experience so exciting that you will want to come back for round 2. Please contact us and we will find out what your desires are and what your wishes are for this once in a lifetime date.

Good girls go to heaven,
bad girls go everywhere

Mae West


what do we gossip about


The Boudoir Cafe Blog is a place where we share our inspiration, find some new ideas and share the latest news on what is sexy, sensual and makes great boudoir photography.

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Never love anyone
who treats you like you’re ordinary.

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